👋Kunji Finance

Welcome to Kunji Finance, your decentralized gateway to social trading and portfolio management. We're on a mission to simplify crypto investments, providing transparent and secure solutions for both newcomers and seasoned traders.

Kunji Finance is a pioneering decentralized social trading platform, that simplifies cryptocurrency investment for beginners through expertly managed portfolios. With a focus on transparency and accessibility, it empowers users to copy entire portfolios, democratizing access to asset management services in the crypto landscape. It also offers a platform for asset managers to create a multi-asset vault and manage the funds.

We have two segments:

Copy Expert Traders Portfolio

Kunji Finance offers a range of expertly managed investment portfolios to cater to different investment goals and risk appetites. The user can

Create Your Trading Strategy

We are also building for expert traders who are interested in creating their own trading vaults.

Stay informed with real-time updates on your portfolio performance. Kunji Finance puts transparency and decentralization at the forefront, allowing the community to propose changes and vote, and have full custody of funds fostering trust within the platform.

Join Our Community We'd love to know your feedback. Please join us on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram and share your views/ queries. You can also contact us at hello@kunji.finance.

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