What is Kunji Finance?

Kunji Finance is a decentralized platform that allows users to copy the entire portfolio of expert traders across multiple assets, asset types, and liquidity sources thus leveraging the trader's expertise in research, ability to generate alpha, and risk management. The fully decentralized nature of the platform allows full control of custody of their funds and the ability to invest any amount and exit the portfolio strategy at any time.

The platform is designed to provide anyone, with access to expertly managed investment strategies, enabling them to commence their crypto investment journey and achieve higher returns. The Kunji finance platform is built on Arbitrum One.

What's the difference between Kunji Finance and Crypto Hedge Funds?

Kunji Finance is a decentralized social trading platform that allows anyone, anywhere to copy an actively managed crypto portfolio with full transparency and control over their funds. In contrast, crypto hedge funds are typically available only to accredited investors, with high minimum investments, and have a centralized management structure. Additionally, crypto hedge funds can have limitations on redemption periods, lock-up periods, and withdrawal fees. Kunji Finance offers a more democratic and accessible approach to crypto investing, making it an ideal choice for a wider range of investors.

What are actively managed strategies?

Actively managed strategies are investment strategies that involve an asset manager trading to maximize returns and minimize risks for investors. These strategies require expertise and analysis of market trends and other factors that can impact the performance of investments.

How can I get started?

You can start your investment with a few steps:

  1. Connect your Metamask or any other web3 wallet on the platform.

  2. Check out the vaults and find the ideal for your risk appetite.

  3. Deposit your fund in the selected vault and track the real-time portfolio value.

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Is there any lock-in period for the funds?

We offer our users the flexibility to exit their vault anytime, without any lock-in policies. Once the user initiates the exit, the withdrawn funds will be reflected in their wallet after it is processed by the vault within 24 hours.

Does Kunji Finance offer fiat gateway to get started with the investment?

No, investment through Fiat gateway is not available on Kunji Finance. The user needs to connect their web3 wallet to get started with the copying expert trader portfolio.

Is Kunji Finance a liquidity provider?

No, Kunji Finance is not a liquidity provider. It allows users to copy skilled traders' portfolios not just single trades, allowing them to leverage their skills with access to further capital while generating trading-based profit opportunities for capital providers.

Why don't we have an automated asset management protocol?

Automated asset management protocols are used for yield-based strategies. Kunji Finance utilizes discretionary long/ short strategies based on the quadrangulation of factors like market sentiments and technical and fundamental analysis, and on-chain data, which can't be automated.

Asset Management

Which trading platforms will be used by Kunji Finance?

Kunji Finance uses decentralized exchanges for trades i.e. GMX and Uniswap


Will I be able to track my portfolio?

Yes, you can track your real-time portfolio value on the platform. You can also see all the portfolio details along with other important metrics on the dashboard, enabling 100% transparency.

Why is the protocol built on the Arbitrum chain?

The Kunji Finance protocol is built on the Arbitrum chain due to several reasons. Arbitrum is a scaling solution that sits above the base layer of the Ethereum blockchain, offering significant advantages over other scaling solutions. Firstly, Arbitrum provides fast and cheap transactions, making it an ideal choice for users who want to invest in the crypto market. Secondly, it offers additional privacy features, which adds an extra layer of security for users.

Arbitrum uses a technique called rollups to process transactions, which enables it to handle a large number of transactions at a lower cost. Additionally, Arbitrum's privacy features are achieved through its use of zk-rollups, which allow users to interact with smart contracts without revealing their private data. This makes it an ideal choice for asset management, where privacy and security are of utmost importance.

Overall, the Kunji Finance team chose to build their protocol on the Arbitrum chain due to its speed, cost-effectiveness, and privacy features, all of which are crucial for providing a seamless and secure investment experience for their users.

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