Token Allocation

A quick breakdown of the token (KNJ) allocation and distribution

  • KNJ Token Allocation: KNJ's token allocations and vesting timelines have been meticulously planned with diverse stakeholders in mind.

    Token Ticker: $KNJ

    Chain: Arbitrum

    Token Supply: 100,000,000 (Fixed supply)

  • Investors: 10%

10% allocation is reserved for Investors which includes public and private investors.

  • Ecosystem: 65%

The development of the ecosystem is the primary focus of the token allocation. These funds are used to accelerate the project's growth and expansion, including funding R&D, partnerships, integrations, and ecosystem infrastructure.

Community: 40%

Community members and stakeholders are motivated to co-create value using tokens. Tokens organize actors in a network and reflect ownership of scarce community resources and a share in their value potential when properly designed. As such, they power a community's micro-economy and allow ecosystem participants to share ownership. They create value, capture it, and share it.

Strategic Reserve: 5%

This allocation is reserved for strategic purposes, such as future expansion plans, potential partnerships, or unforeseen expenses that may arise during the project's development. It acts as a reserve to ensure the project's long-term sustainability and stability.

Ecosystem development: 10%

A portion of the token allocation is dedicated to ecosystem development. These funds are utilized to drive the growth and expansion of the project, including funding research and development, partnerships, integrations, and ecosystem infrastructure..

Operational reserve: 7%

This allocation caters to Market Making, various authorized tasks or expenses that may arise during the project's development but are not specifically categorized under other allocations. It provides flexibility to address unforeseen expenses or opportunities that align with the project's goals.

Bug Bounty program: 3%

The bug bounty program allocation is dedicated to incentivizing security researchers and community members to identify and report vulnerabilities or bugs in the project's code or infrastructure. This allocation helps improve the project's security and stability through crowd-sourced vulnerability identification.

  • Team: 20%

This allocation is intended for the core team members involved in developing and maintaining the project. The team allocation has a 2-year cliff, meaning that the tokens allocated to the team members will become available after 2 year from the token distribution event. After the cliff, the tokens will vest linearly over a period of 3 years, ensuring a gradual distribution of tokens to team members over time.

  • Marketing: 5%

The marketing allocation is utilized to promote the project, raise awareness, and attract users and investors. It covers various marketing initiatives, including advertising campaigns, community engagement, events, and collaborations with influencers or media outlets.

KNJ Token Vesting Schedule: The token vesting schedules of Kunji Finance have been carefully created to strike a balance between the interests of the various ecosystem members. The vesting schedules picked bind the Kunji Finance team to a long-term objective.

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