Governance Functions

KNJ holders have the power to control various governance functions within the Kunji Finance platform.

1. Budget Allocation for Operations:

They can participate in determining the allocation of funds for platform operations, including grants and bounties. This allows the community to influence the distribution of resources for initiatives that contribute to the platform's growth and development.

  1. Utilization and Allocation of Treasury Assets:

The governance token, KNJ, enables them to have a say in the utilization and allocation of the platform's treasury assets. Decisions regarding the management and deployment of these assets are subject to voting and approval.

  1. Approval of Investment Strategies and Asset Managers:

They play a crucial role in approving investment strategies and asset managers within the Kunji Finance platform. Their votes determine which strategies and managers will be integrated into the ecosystem, ensuring a transparent and community-driven selection process.

  1. Asset Support and Decentralized Trading Protocol Integration:

They can influence the integration of assets and decentralized trading protocols into the Kunji Finance platform. This grants the community the ability to shape the available assets for trading and the protocols used within the ecosystem.

  1. Platform Improvement Proposals and Compensation for Contributors:

They can submit and vote on platform improvement proposals, allowing them to actively contribute to the evolution and enhancement of the Kunji Finance platform. Furthermore, contributors to the platform may be eligible for compensation as determined by the governance system.

Governance Participation:

All KNJ token holders are eligible to participate and vote on governance proposals within the Kunji Finance platform. This ensures that every token holder has an equal opportunity to influence the decision-making process.

Voting Rights Limitations

KNJ token holders are entitled to vote on platform feature proposals. However, it is important to note that voting rights are limited to platform features and do not extend to the company's operations and management or investors' assets. The governance system focuses primarily on shaping the platform's development and functionality.

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