Technical Architecture

Kunji Finance's technical architecture is built on smart contracts with two vaults for each investment strategy: User_vault and Trader_vault. Users can invest or withdraw funds only from User_vault while traders can do the same with Trader_vault. Asset managers trade on decentralized exchanges as per their strategies, and these trades are replicated and scaled to User_vault. Rollover of funds is done every 3 hours, where all deposit and withdrawal requests are processed together in a batch.

Simplified Architecture

The following are the available vaults on the Kunji Finance platform(Beta) at the moment:-

  1. Alpha Blue Chip Focused Vault

Each strategy has a smart contract vault. When a user invests in any of the strategies, the funds are deposited in the respective strategy vault. Funds in the strategy vault then participate in the trade strategies run by the Asset Managers.

Users' funds will always be under users’ control at all times. They can deposit/withdraw funds at their will. Users can put in a deposit or withdrawal request anytime & it will be processed by smart contract. Funds will be deposited from or withdrawn to the user's crypto wallet directly.

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