What Makes Kunji Finance Unique?

  • Diversification: Kunji's social trading mirrors the complete portfolio. This means you automatically diversify your holdings across various assets in the asset manager's portfolio, reducing your risk concentration. This diversification helps mitigate losses in any single asset from impacting your entire portfolio significantly.

  • First-mover advantage: Early adopter in the decentralized copy trading space with multi-asset strategies/ portfolio reducing the risk of ‘putting all eggs in one basket’.

  • Strong community: Active user base with experienced traders and investors. Advanced platform features: Real-time portfolio tracking, dashboards, advanced charts, and risk management.

  • SISO (Synchronized Investment Strategy Orchestration): SISO allows investors to invest any amount (no minimum investment required), and exit at any time (no lock-ins).

  • KNJ token utility: The utility of our token KNJ is designed to create a positive feedback loop through the provision of principal cover for liquidity providers to reduce the investment risk by distributing risk, and reward with token holders.

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